by Sue Corrigan

9th April 2017

Is customer service in your marketing plan?

We all know the main driver behind marketing is to increase sales, but once you’ve hooked a new client are you able to keep them?

Whatever your marketing budget all output counts, so the last thing you want is to waste time and money. But you could be doing just that if you aren’t considering customer service in your marketing plan. In a world where we have all become critics and reviewers, bad customer service can quickly undo a wealth of good marketing.

There are countless horror stories online, from big brands to small independents, where an online comment or picture has very quickly been shared across multiple media platforms (consider the recent Pepsi debacle). If handled well any incident can be rectified and turned into good press. However, if the situation is handled badly, you could be adding fuel to the fire and risk upsetting not just the person who complained but their connections, and their connections, and their connections…. See the problem?

Let’s not forget, it’s not just your own team that speak for the company but also those you choose to represent you, such as suppliers, distributors and couriers. Think they’re out of your control? To a certain extent, but if there are any problems you can bet it will reflect on you!

Some easy rules to follow…

Respond quickly, kindly and helpfully;

Apologise for any inconvenience and make the issue a priority;

Take the situation offline where possible;

Always be polite.

The last rule is possibly the most important one to remember – always be polite! No matter the situation, your attitude reflects your business.

Client retention and word of mouth marketing are reliant on good customer service and added value. We need only consider the companies we ourselves would recommend to others and why. So, treat every customer with respect, remember that every customer journey is unique and never underestimate the impact that poor customer service can have on a business.

Get in touch if you would like guidance on adding customer service to your marketing plan or with your online reputation.